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The Introvert Self-Care Guide

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Today’s world very readily celebrates the natural traits of the extrovert. Our cultural and work values are largely built upon the norms of the extrovert – which can sometimes leave introverts struggling to cope.

As we explored last week, introversion and extroversion are neither good nor bad in themselves. People are just wired differently, and they have different mechanisms of relating with the outside world, which work well in some circumstances and not so well in others.

But with the right steps, an introvert can just as easily flourish in today’s largely extroverted world. Here are some self-care tips:

Healthy Boundaries

Don’t feel bad for drawing lines. You don’t have to attend to everybody’s requests and needs all the time. Establish firm boundaries that will help you preserve your energy. Set apart a few hours for alone time each day. Know that it is okay to say no to social invites. You don’t have to be a hermit, but neither do you need to feel compelled to say yes to everything and everyone.

Establish a Calming Routine

A large part of what makes an introvert feel drained is due to the overstimulation of their brains. In happenstances like these, search for ways to unwind and reduce stress levels. Make a cup of warm chamomile tea. Diffuse some lavender essential oil. Take a long calming bath. Play some soft, sweet music. Journal or read a good book. Do whatever you can to relax.

Build a Personal Space

You don’t have to fly away to a desert island to get away from the noise. Establish a personal haven, a proverbial “dark room” so to speak, and make sure it is off limits to the outside world. This should ideally be a quiet place where you can sit, think, reflect, or even sleep. It can be your bedroom, a quiet spot in the park or a private corner in your office.

Physical Activity

You would be surprised what an hour or two of exercise can do to calm your mind and boost your energy levels. If the gym scene isn’t your thing, find a quiet park to take a walk. Exercise is often the most underutilized form of therapy.

And there you have it! Remember, self-care is not selfish. Dear introverts, never feel bad for making sure you are at your best emotionally.

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