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Improve Your Attention Span

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In today’s fast-paced digitalized world, most of us have the attention span of a goldfish. Yes, that’s right. A recent study done by Canadian scientists concluded that the age of smartphones have shortened our attention span to a mere average of 8 seconds. (A goldfish can hold a thought for 9 seconds!)

This severely limits our cognitive capabilities and productivity levels.

How then can we remedy this?

Limit On-Screen Time

Unrestrained time on the web, or, as Swedish scientists term it, “Pathological Internet Use (PIU)”, is associated with increased symptoms of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. Set a cap on the hours you spend on the Internet everyday. Try a social media fast even! You’ll be surprised at how much more focus you will have.  

Take the Right Supplements

Vitamin B6, Gingko extracts and ginseng – these supplements go a long way in improving your attention span and cognitive performance. They’re great for your overall health too!

Meditation & Mind Clearing

Before engaging in an important task, close your eyes, empty your mind and practice deep breathing for 2-5 minutes. This will help clear your head, lower your cortisol hormones and your reaction time, all of which will help you to concentrate better on the task at hand.

Get In Your Zzz’s

A good night’s rest does more for your brain than you can imagine. Try going to bed 30 minutes earlier than you normally would tonight, then every following night until you’re getting enough rest. A large body of scientific evidence supports the role of sleep in consolidating and cementing neural connections. Get enough sleep, and you will find your concentration skyrocketing.

Drink Quality Tea

The compounds in good quality tea will help stimulate the brain’s innate anti-oxidant system, improving cognitive function, alertness and attention span.

Take charge of your mental life today,

Roleaf Team.

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