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2016 habit lifestyle newyear resolution

It’s the New Year! Time to let go of old destructive habits and start building new ones. A healthy body is the foundation for everything else in life. It is impossible to embrace all that life has to offer without good health.

Have you been meaning to eat better? Get fit? Sleep more? Cast a vision for 2016, but start by setting small achievable goals to get there.

A list of what that could look like is

  • Cut out sugar for the month of January
  • Sign up for a gym membership
  • Exercise for 20 minutes each day
  • Go for long walks twice a week
  • Sleep an hour earlier every night
  • Replace coffee with tea



These steps are small, but done consistently, will help you achieve those New Year resolutions in no time. Dreaming big is good, but we must  start somewhere.

P.S. Have you been eating too much over the Christmas and NYE holidays? Here’s a simple home workout you can do to get your blood flowing.

20 bodyweight squats

10 burpees

5 push ups

Set a timer to 20 minutes, and attempt to perform as many rounds as possible without stopping until the time is up. Quick, easy and guaranteed to torch calories!

Here’s to a happier healthier 2016!



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