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Snack Smart

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Do you find yourself reaching out for snacks throughout your workday? Stop munching aimlessly, and start looking for ways to snack smart so you can stay full for longer and get rid of those senseless cravings.

Go for high volume, low calorie foods. What does that mean? Well, compare a Mars bar and an apple. A Mars bar has about 250 calories, but has little to no nutritional value - and is less likely to keep you full. This may lead to overeating. An apple however will easily satisfy hunger pangs due to its high fiber content – plus it only has about 80 calories!

Other good snack choices are a handful of almonds, mixed nuts, plain Greek yoghurt, whole wheat bread, nut butters, edamame beans, bananas and protein bars. These foods are high in volume, i.e. full of good-for-you satisfying nutrients such as fiber and protein.


Hunger busting duo: Apple + Peanut Butter slices.

Try to stay away from sweet and sugary foods. The sugar highs and crashes will result in even more cravings later on.

Roleaf Tip 1: Eat only when you’re hungry not when you’re bored.

Roleaf Tip 2: Drink up. Those cravings you feel can sometimes actually just be your body thirsting for hydration. Pair your snack with a cup of Roleaf tea to make for a satisfying midday treat.




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