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No Gym, No Problem!

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The haze is gone and clear blue skies are back! Aren’t you so grateful? For a moment there I’d almost forgotten what blue skies looked like.

But now we get to workout outdoors! For those who don’t want to pay for a gym membership, you can still get fit in the comfort of a park or your own backyard.

I am going to release home friendly workout programs here once every few weeks. Be sure to follow and check it out!


Full Body Toning and Fat Blasting Workout

Set A

10 Burpees

24 Walking Lunges (12 each side)

15 Plank to Push Up

20 Squats


Set B

50 Mountain Climbers (25 each side)

30 Skaters

30 Knee Ups (Find an elevated bench, and do 15 on each leg)

30 Butterfly Sit Ups


Perform set A for 7 minutes.

2 minute rest

Perform set B for 7 minutes

2 minute rest

Perform set A for 7 minutes

2 minute rest

Perform set B for 7 minutes

*If you finish the set before 7 minutes is up, no resting!

Start from the first workout at the beginning of the set again, and continue doing until the 7 minute timer goes off.

The key is to get your heart rate elevated throughout each 7 minute set for maximum fat burning results.


Roleaf Tip: Stay hydrated! Without the air-conditioning that an indoor gym provides, your body could overheat from sweating too much. Load up with some iced Roleaf tea to keep you refreshed throughout your workout.

A great choice would be Roleaf’s peppermint tea. The menthol naturally present in the peppermint leaves help to cool the body. Add some honey for an extra boost of energy and great taste.


What are you waiting for? Drink up, enjoy the beautiful fresh air, and work for that body you’ve always wanted!

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