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Productivity Hack - Rule of Three

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Are you stressed out with life? Is your “to-do” list seemingly endless? Has work got you swamped? Do you often feel frantic and have no idea where to even begin? It can be hard to keep up in today’s super busy culture. It seems like there is always something to do or somewhere to be. We collapse at the end of every day, exhausted in bed, only to wake up and do it all over again. How does one manage?


Enter the Rule of Three.

Originally invented by J.D. Meier, this neat little productivity hack will change your life. If you’re looking for something that will revolutionize your focus and purpose, look no further than the Rule of Three.

How does it work?

At the start of every day, think of three things you want to accomplish by the end of the day, and then set out to do them.

Do the same at the start of every week.

And that’s it!

Why it works

  • It can be frustratingly hard to keep up with a long to do list. What is important and what can wait? Keep your daily goals to just three urgent things, and you’ll find yourself less stressed.
  • It helps you work more deliberately. It keeps your intentions super focused on what’s important, instead of being scattered everywhere trying to accomplish everything.
  • It helps you understand your limits. In the beginning you might over or under estimate your capabilities in getting things done. However, over time, you will settle into an equilibrium of understanding what you actually can and cannot accomplish in one single day.


Remember, just keep it simple. It’s all about the focus.

Three things. Get set, go.

P.S. Don’t forget to put on a pot while you’re at it, for that extra kick of productivi-tea, pun intended.

Good luck!

Roleaf Team.

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