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Spot Reduction - Debunking the Myth

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Browse upon any female magazine and you are bound to come across an article or two along the lines of “Inner Thigh Fat Loss: 10 Moves That Work!” or “100 Crunches A Day Keeps The Belly Fat Away.”


*Spot reduction means the attempt to remove fat from specific areas of the body by performing exercises that target that area.

Quick fix gadgets that claim to spot reduce fat are being sold everywhere. Gimmick programs that claim to “trim your thighs” or “flatten your midsection” are being bought into left right and center. Mainstream media, lack of fitness knowledge, and improper marketing has propagated this myth beyond control, leading the public at large to believe in something completely false.


The truth is, spot reduction is a complete waste of time and money. It simply does not work, and has zero scientific evidence to back it up. You cannot blast fat in a specific body area with a plethora of gadgets or high rep isolation exercises.

What does work however?

  1. Calories in VS calories out

An overall calorie deficit is needed to lose weight. Each day, you must expend more calories than what you are eating.

  1. Proper exercise

And no, we don’t mean 1000 reps of sit-ups. Incorporating full body movements such as weighted squats, deadlifts, lunges and push ups will do a lot more to build muscle, burn fat and tighten up your entire body. These compound movements work better than isolated movements because they work more body parts at once.


Compound movements like the squat target a whole range of muscles.

  1. Dietary manipulation

Change the composition of your body to look leaner and more sculpted by reducing overall fat intake. Eat your protein, eat your fiber and you’re your healthy carbs, but try to avoid or at least reduce your consumption of high fat foods like desserts and deep fried foods.

Be smart folks! There is no short cut when it comes to fat loss. You gotta eat right and workout right for that lean body you want.


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