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Wellness Journal

Stay Awake At Work

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Work blues got you down? Feeling sluggish at your desk? Unable to get past a full day without dozing off? This week we give you a few tips on how to stay awake and super productive at work without your usual coffee shots.

  1. Turn The Lights Up!

Maximize your body’s exposure to light. Our bodies are largely regulated by the circadian rhythm, which responds to light – or lack of. The brighter it is at work, the more likely your body will excrete the right...

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Improve Your Attention Span

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In today’s fast-paced digitalized world, most of us have the attention span of a goldfish. Yes, that’s right. A recent study done by Canadian scientists concluded that the age of smartphones have shortened our attention span to a mere average of 8 seconds. (A goldfish can hold a thought for 9 seconds!)

This severely limits our cognitive capabilities and productivity levels.

How then can we remedy this?

Limit On-Screen Time

Unrestrained time on the web, or, as Swedish scientists term it, “Pathological Internet Use (PIU)”, is associated with...

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The Introvert Self-Care Guide

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Today’s world very readily celebrates the natural traits of the extrovert. Our cultural and work values are largely built upon the norms of the extrovert – which can sometimes leave introverts struggling to cope.

As we explored last week, introversion and extroversion are neither good nor bad in themselves. People are just wired differently, and they have different mechanisms of relating with the outside world, which work well in some circumstances and not so well in others.

But with the right steps, an introvert can just as easily flourish in today’s largely extroverted world. Here are some...

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Why Are You An Introvert?

environment extrovert introvert shyness social stimuli

Are you easily overwhelmed in social situations? Do big noisy crowds turn you off and leave you feeling exhausted? Do you prefer a pleasant evening alone at home to opposed to mingling with strangers at your local bar? Chances are you most probably identify as an introvert.

Being an introvert is more than whether you are shy or not. In fact, that is a large misconception that all introverts are shy hermits. Shyness is a behavior - it is being fearful and tense in a social situation. You’ll find that...

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The Perfect Nap!

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Think naps are just for kids? Think again! A slew of scientific research has proven the benefits of a lovely midday nap, time and time again. Science shows that taking a nap is equivalent to rebooting the brain. It brings to the napper a whole host of benefits later on in the day such as a spike in alertness, creativity, mood and productivity.

Most mammals (85%, if we’re looking to be specific) sleep for short periods throughout the day. Humans however, divide their hours into two periods – one for sleeping...

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